Purchase of lairs

The Western is situated in the West End of Dundee with striking views over the Tay. It was operated by the Dundee Cemetery Company from 1847 - 1979, when it was acquired by the City. As the last resting place for many Dundee notables and their families, it attracts visitors from over Scotland and overseas.

Apart from those lairs in private ownership,  the Western has not been open for internments since it was
acquired by the City. The  Urn Field is a new venture that provides Dundonians with the opportunity to
 purchase a lair readily accessible  from the city centre. In addition any profits that accrue will be spent on maintenance and improvement of the Western, for example developing the Garden of Thoughts, and
renovating the former stable.

Up to four sets of cremated remains may be interred in each lair.There are two lairs to each section.
Although not clear from the plan , there is sufficient space between the  lairs to reach the back row.
Each lair is provided with a stainless steel plaque for inscriptions affixed to the rail. The size of the plaque is 7” x 4”.
The plots are numbered from the south end; however starting internments from the centre would not be an issue.
Plots can be purchased as part of a Funeral Plan
The cost of a lair, including the plaque but not the inscription, is £747.50 which breaks down as :price of lair,£295.50; Title Deed, £62.00; Perpetuities,£390.00

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